Elephant's protection fund

Welcome to the elephants' protection fund website!

Firstly, we should shortly explain why we run the site. We hope, that having known more about elephants, you realize, how poor will the Earth become if they extinct.
Therefore, our aim is to protect and draw attention to elephants, because there is no doubt that these unique animals deserve it! We truly hope that you will enjoy visiting our page, where you can find variety of information on elephants. At the same time, we will do our best to add as many new materials as we can. We promise!

See you soon


  • 25.12.2001 - new story in the Library!
  • 12.2.2001 - new Gallery!
  • 1.1.2001 - read a new article about elephants' life - "The elephant in the wild".
  • 15.06.2000 - learn about elephants mating and elephant bulls in musth from the new article.
  • 18.04.2000 - the new text in the library - read 19 facts about elephants that you always wanted to know!
  • 10.04.2000 - new jokes and proverbs.

  • Thank you very much for visiting our site! If you have got any pictures or stories (written by you, for example!) about elephants, or maybe you just know a couple of funny stories - share with us!

    By the way, if you found out that we have blatantly ripped stuff from your site and want to fight, e-mail us!

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